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“The sessions I had with Claudia were absolutely transformational.  Now, after many years, I can honestly say that the positive effects I gained are undiminished and I return almost daily to moments of profound insight and clarity.  The experience has certainly made me a more contented person and I am convinced that I am a better father and a better husband.

One more thing; nothing really fazes Claudia.  Or at least it did not seem to.  I work for an organisation that is involved in difficult and distressing, conflict-related issues that involves interaction with some deeply unpleasant people who have thrived in war-torn countries.  And yet Claudia was able to get beyond that fact without being bogged down in the unusualness of it all.  Her own experiences and the wide range of people she has worked with allowed me – and my wife – to tell our own stories without the context becoming the ‘thing’.

In the most positive way possible, Claudia’s approach is quite ‘surgical’ and very collaborative.  She worked with me to rapidly define the real issue with which I was grappling.  Inevitably, it was not the one I had fixated upon!  Then, together, we approached its resolution with the firm intention of overcoming it and not merely talking about it.  I left with the tools to enable further personal development and having resolved the issue that had caused me such great pain.”

Director, OBE – International Organisation

“ ‘You have changed my life’….you probably hear this phrase all the time with the great work that you do but in my case too, you really have. You have helped me find me. I am in love Claudia….in love with myself and I have never been happier or more true to myself. I look out for me and do what I feel like doing and this is so empowering, it feels amazing.

I recognise people and relationships in my life in a different way now and can see how their positive or negative energies affect me and my precious energy. Of course, narcissists I now recognise very quickly but amazingly I have found them not only amongst potential partners but friends too.

I have learnt to be alone and very happy in my own company and often find myself craving for a some alone time when I have had a busy social week. This time last year, when I first came to you, this exact fear of loneliness was the cause of my panic attacks. I am so proud of how far I have come. I know I still have some way to go and of course I still have my bad days, like anyone else but instead of the panic and fear that was instilled in me, I now am starting to truly accept that these are emotions too and they will pass.

I just wanted to share with you what an important part of my life you have been. I think of you often, what you said, your guidance, your teaching and although I continue to work on some aspects, I cannot thank you enough for the foundation you have helped me create.”

– Engineer, Scientist Global Cooperation

“I can’t quite remember how I first came to contact Dr.Herbert – it was on a recommendation a few years ago now.  But what’s more important about that period of my life is that I was desperately in need of a really good psychoanalyst.

I had, in fact, consulted several other analysts before meeting Claudia. My limited understanding of myself at the time reflected the fact that my childhood and adolescence had been disastrously shaped by various forms of abuse at the hands of different institutions; I could recognise when someone was coming from a very rigid ideology. Hence my main feelings were 1) I had to find someone who was not of that background, and 2) it must be someone I could wholly trust.  I found both in the person of Dr.Claudia Herbert.

In her case, I was particularly impressed by her (Claudia’s) clearly profound degree of self-analysis; what a contrast from those (I have met several!) who, jaded with listening, regard this is as just a 9 to 5 job. With Claudia I felt not only that I was making real contact, was being listened to in a highly creative way, but above all, that I was in a place of real safety when the session ended, now fully able to cope until the next session.

The feeling that these requirements all came together enabled me to work really hard in treatment, and with Claudia’s help I made great progress. I became empowered to deal with the past and this improved the present; as I gained greater control over my life and my decisions, the future became less frightening. Even without her, I shall continue to work along these lines. I regard meeting and working with her as one of the most valuable gifts life has yet brought me.”

Script writer, Producer, Director

“Claudia’s approach is unique, intelligent and highly effective, weaving together wide-ranging approaches in the holistic way I desperately needed after struggling with ineffective, over-medicalised systems and attempts at treatment. Suffering from complex trauma that had not been recognised by GPs or specialists, and being a ‘highly sensitive person’ means I needed a transpersonal therapeutic approach that takes into consideration other dimensions of our existence, and sees post-traumatic growth and transformation as a pathway and as an imperative.

I feel substantially stronger and more confident since starting therapy and my sense of self has expanded to see my experiences and feelings as understandable and ‘ordered’, not a series of meaningless sufferings under the umbrella term of ‘disorder’. It has meant so much to me to be able to express my spiritual side during treatment, and for this component to be such a powerful and real tool in my gradual healing.”

Project Leader, Health Sector

“In the film Avatar, the Na’vi people will greet people by saying ‘I see you.’ A greeting which transcends language and conveys understanding, acceptance and connection. A greeting which is the highest honour to receive. At my lowest point in life, Claudia offered me that gift. The chance to be seen, heard and understood. I have been left with a deeper sense of who I am and an internal compass which helps me to better understand myself, learn to trust my intuition, live in a way which reflects my values and share the happiness I have found in myself with the world. I am left with gratitude that Claudia helped me and guided me along that journey. Thank you Claudia … you are a kind, wise and gifted person… ‘I see you’ …”

– Senior Professional in Education

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“I’d never had therapy before and presumed it would only address my anxiety and any mental issues.  I had no idea what a crucial part it would play in my physical well-being.  This has not only been noticed by my family but also by my physio who has been surprised at how much I have improved since seeing Claudia.  I can now confidently walk around town, go to new places and meet new people without any issues.  I can honestly say that, without this therapy, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  There is no way I could have done this on my own – thank you Claudia for helping me find myself again.”

– Commissioning Editor