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A very warm welcome

You’ve walked a unique path to arrive here in this moment. Your explorative nature and open minded approach to the rich tapestry of life has helped you achieve so much in your life already.

You might be aware of a feeling inside telling you there’s still more for you to find out about yourself and potentially bring to this world. It’s a feeling which may have been building for some time. The knowledge that a deeper path is waiting to be discovered in true connection with yourself. The time has come to unlock your authentic values and inner truths.

Are you ready to embark on this journey to meet even more of yourself?

Dr Claudia Herbert

I’m Claudia, my life has been dedicated to discovering, learning and facilitating the most effective and powerful inner transformation journeys to help my clients create meaningful purpose, healthy growth, inner strength and greater alignment in their lives.

During my 30+ years experience as a Clinical Psychologist, a PTSD and trauma psychotherapist, as well as a senior executive development facilitator and more than 25 years as director of The Oxford Development Centre I’ve developed and would like to share with you a beautiful palette of deep therapeutic life changing processes. If you’re ready, let’s find out what the next truly meaningful stage of your journey might look like.

How to tune into life’s energy and focus on your true vision

So much of what is drawing attention both internally and externally in today’s demanding world takes us away from ourselves and diverts our focus on other matters. This depletes our energy, disconnects us from our power and takes us out of our inner alignment. For most people this happens most of the time and goes largely unnoticed.

My work involves helping you find your way back to your Self, your connection to nature, life’s energy and to who you are at essence – discovering a more authentic purpose in life.

This involves entering a process of deeper exploration and identifying, filtering out and transforming what is not truly and authentically you.

the next step in your journey

Initial Consultation

The first step of this journey is an initial online consultation with me.

This takes the shape of one or several two-hour meeting(s). These involve an initial process of quite deep exploration designed to help me find out and understand about where you have got so far, the influences on you, your experiences and how I might be able to help you move forward from here. It will also enable you to find out more about me, my approach and whether this transformation work is something you feel ready to engage in.

Every consultation is individually tailored and entirely attuned to your needs and circumstances

The way we work together is designed to make you feel very comfortable and at ease with the process. I will be curious to learn what your life path has been so far, including some of the challenges you might have encountered and the blockages arising from this.

We will work together to find out what might have brought you out of alignment.

There are many reasons for why this might have happened and for some people this starts very early in their childhood, for others later in life and in both instances, there are ways in which these experiences can be explored and transformed into an inner healing and positive growth process.

We will both know towards the end of this initial consultation whether you would like to engage more deeply and regularly in this process with me and will then decide the next steps accordingly.

Even if at this stage you decide to not progress further, the depth of the initial consultation/s will have helped you to gain a deeper level of understanding and insight about yourself and where you currently are and this in itself can provide you with a helpful guidance point.


This work is explorative, deeply attuned and takes you on an inner discovery journey.

My role is to facilitate and guide your transformation and growth drawing on my in-depth experiences with development work and trainings in many fields of psychotherapy over the years. These include:

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT)

EMDR & bilateral techniques

Comprehensive Resource Model

Schema Therapy

Attachment-focussed therapy

Inner Child Work

Havening Techniques

Personality & Archetypes related to the MBTI

Energy Healing

Body Psychotherapy


Depth Psychology

Alongside these, I have undergone my own deep inner healing journey and believe as a facilitator of such profound processes that this is an ongoing commitment that I have made for the rest of my life.


My work is different with each of my clients and will be tailored entirely to you and collated from my palette of experiences to suit your exact needs for transformation.

For many clients this journey opens another world, they start to feel positively different, more vibrant, alive and inquisitive about the world.

Every client experiences their transformation process in a unique way and there is no set formula or path.

I will move with you alongside your path of unique discovery and support you during each step of it. For some clients this requires discovering and transforming quite deeply held, initially adaptive but now restrictive survival based coping strategies.

For others it might involve discovering what they have blocked and hidden from themselves or which areas they have deliberately avoided because it would require them to face their strength and be seen by others.

Transformation can take many forms. In order to be successful, it has to be paced within each client’s comfort zone or their own window of tolerance, which we would find out about and determine together.


Growth usually involves some form of change, which can be on the inner, the outer or both.

Change can feel scary especially if you have held the ‘status quo’ for so long and kept up a brave face to the outside, whilst maybe feeling quite unhappy inside.

Change will never be forced as part of our process together, rather it will happen spontaneously and as a natural progression of your inner process of growth.

You will determine when you are ready, what needs to change for you to feel more aligned to who you truly are and how this change will manifest in your daily life. This may initially take very subtle forms until you feel comfortable within this and could evolve into big life-changing decisions, but does not have to.

Nothing will be forced, but as part of an inner strengthening as a result of your growth process many clients find that change just happens and they feel stronger and more authentic as a result.

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fluffy-swirl Maslow’s hierarchy of needs & the spiral of growth

 At the very top level of the spiral is the idea of self-actualisation, which is much more about the essence of who we really are, how do we bring this into life and make meaning, what is our calling?

Are you ready to discover yours?

Finding Your Truth

The Spiral of Growth

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs describes the pattern through which human needs and motivations generally move. It’s often visualised as a hierarchy but I approach the journey of our self-awareness as more of an ever-evolving spiral of growth.

The spiral represents the path we take as we move through life and begin to discover and learn more about ourselves. Why are we here in this world? We entered into this life, but what is our authentic purpose? What are we here to bring and experience as a result? How do we embrace our change and growth? Once you begin to address these questions you find your most authentic life journey unfolding before you.

“The work involves exploring shadow sides within us and transforming these into light, strength and growth. It takes courage and is not always easy, but you will be supported alongside your journey and the rewards can be truly life enhancing”

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